Inventions and Creations of Mr Bugs Tan

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Invention: LiteShower Mobile Bath


Descriptions: This is a portable shower set. It gives you a chance to take a shower anytime anywhere. It has the flexibility to be assembled and disassembled easily by hand. It has a water pump to give the shower some pressure. It does not have a tap but an on/off switch.


Publication: 1000 Problems Need Solving Book 1 & Book 2


Descriptions: The author has put-up 50 different unique problems to solve in each book. These are simple issues that we faced every day in our lives, yet there isn’t really a good solution. The author challenges you to think a way to solve them. Find a solution for each and every problem in these 2 books.


Publication: Turning Ideas into Innovation


Descriptions: This is a guide book that reveals a methodology on how you can turn your idea into an invention. This book is especially suitable if you are creating an invention for the first time. Ither as a student or a working adult, this book shows you the way to creating a successful invention.


Descriptions: CIPCO training is suitable for companies and organisations which aspire to be respected at what they do best in their line of business. It is designed to inculcate a culture of creative thinking among managers and staff in an organization






Invention: Litewalk Steel Grating System


Descriptions: Litewalk grating uses the same material as in conventional steel grating. It has 4 major advantages, ie Litewalk is lighter by 35%, stronger by 12%, cheaper and safer to walk-on. This award winning product can be used on oil platforms, refinery and other heavy industrial sites.





Invention: LiteFilta for Ceiling fan


Descriptions: Litefilta is a self cleaning add-on material that is used on a ceiling fan. A Velcro is used as a based that is stick onto the fan blades. A filter strips is then placed on top of the Velcro. When the fan is switched on, it sweeps the air and trap the airborne particles. When filter is dirty, you just need to change it.


Publication: Uncle Bugs Invention Workbook


Descriptions: these are invention workbooks specially design for children to practice how to be creative. Children learn to solve problems by thinking of creative solution. Then it also allow kids to sketch-out their imagination so other people know what his new contraption look like. These books are good for kids age 7 years old and above and it has instruction for parents and teachers to guide their children


Publication:  I’ve got an idea


Descriptions: These are invention workbooks for kids 7 years old and above. It’s a lot more lively than previous books. It has more graphics and colors. In each book there are 12 exercise for children to create new ideas. These books allows your children to solve certain problems creatively. It’ll also help him to translate his imagination into sketches show other people could understand what he has in his mind. Books like this helps a child to discover his own creative talents.


Animations: Young Inventor (TV Breakers) 


Descriptions: We have created 10 episodes of TV breakers. Each episode is one minutes long. These short animation are called Young Inventor. It is a breaker that is supposed to be screened in between children show on TV.  Its main emphasis is on creativity, innovation, and creative solutions. It is targeted for kids aged 5 – 8 years old. It aims to inspired children to be creative like Amelia the young inventor in the animation


Animations: Robot Boleh TV Animation Series (Episode One)


Descriptions: We’ve created a pilot episode which is a 30 minutes long animation. This is about a family of inventors. The father, Uncle Bugs could invent lots of gadgets. And so he has invented a robot for his daughter, Amanda as a birthday gift. The robot at first could not talk because he does not have a human mind. Amanda prayed every night hoping the God fairy could fulfill her wish for the robot to have a mind of his own. It came true and the story is filled with lots of adventure. It’s entertaining, educational with good moral values. Good for children age 5 to 8 years old


Publication:  Story for kids


Descriptions: Uncle Bugs has written 6 fairy tales for kids. It has many adventures to thrill children while learning about the Malaysian culture and way of life. It also teaches children about protecting the natural forest and animals we are blessed with. He has written 6 exciting stories which will thrill children with adventures, creative plots and good moral values  Good for children 5 to 12 years old.




Invention : Green Hydro


Descriptions: Green hydro is a gadget that helps to save fuel consumption in a car. It uses the principle of electrolysis that breaks-up the water molecule and made them into hydrogen and oxygen. These gas is then channeled into the combustion chamber of a car engine. By doing so, it helps to boost the engine power thus reduces the fuel consumption. Green hydro is able to save fuel by about 15%.





Invention: LiteTrack  Machine
Descriptions: LiteTrack is a machine used that are designed specially for the use in the palm oil estate. It’s purpose is to collect the Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) from the field and transport them into a bin that are placed on the fringe of the agriculture road nearby. It is designed especially for soggy ground. It worked like a war tank that moves on rubber tracks in rough terrain and peat soil. It’s a one-man operator thus reduces man power. It’s hardy and could take rough usage in a plantation. It’s good especially for places where only wheel barrow is the only means of taking out the FFB from the field. Now LiteTrack is designed to replace those wheel barrows




Invention : Fujiyama Extruded Alum Pulley


Descriptions: We have invented a range of aluminum pulley which has the advantage over conventional cast iron pulley.

  • Lighter – 1/3 the weight
  • Cheaper – cheaper than cast iron
  • a well balanced pulley
  • Worked just as good as cast iron


Invention: Fujiyama Extruded Alum Coupling


Descriptions: We have created a range of coupling. Like the pulley we have the weight and price advantage over cast iron. These coupling is light in weight thus making mechanical maintenance work easy



Invention : X- Grats Auminium Grating


Descriptions: X-Grats is an inter-locking aluminium grating system that uses alum extrusion technology. The uniqueness of this design is the main load bearing which is hollow. Being a hollow section, the load bearing becomes lighter and thus the big advantage of weight saving. But the beauty is that X-Grats could take the same amount of load as a steel grating. Overall, the weight of X-Grats aluminium system is only 1/3 of the steel grating.