Uncle Bug’s Inno Camp

Modus Operandi

If you are interested in having one of this interesting workshop for children in your area, you and us can become a co-organizer for the event. We shall make you the co-organizer and your responsibilities are as follows:-

Pre-Inno Camps day

  • Select the date for the Inno Cmp and pay a deposit to Uncle Bugs
  • Make leaflets and promote the events
  • Take enquiries, registration and payment from parents
  • Collect recycle materials for workshop
  • Buy some materials for workshop
  • Book the meals for the children
  • Book the venue and equipment
  • Encourage parents to play the role as investors in the event (abt 3pm)
  • Get the Hardware store (recycle material) ready including displaying the prices
  • Design and get the Certificates ready
  • Get the prizes ready for winners

During post and event day

  • Mark the attendance of the children
  • Group the children into teams of 5s
  • Provide enough facilitators to help-out
  • Provide Judges for the event (2pax)
  • Prepare meals for the children
  • Become MC for the day. Including announcing the winners of the games played during the workshop.
  • Distribute the Certificates to all participants
  • Take photos and videos
  • Collect feedback and comment from kids and parents.
  • Liaise with parents to collect the children after the event (abt 5.30pm)
  • Share your experience on Facebook

On our part, Uncle Bugs will brief the facilitators and Judges about their roles respectively on the night before the event or early morning during event day. He shall then conduct the event through-out the day.