Uncle Bug’s Inno Camp

Here are a few reasons why parents should send their kids to the Uncle Bugs Inno Camps

  • This camp is designed to encourage average kids to come out and play. So that they could discover for themselves their own creative talents which they may not be able to do so in school.
  • Children get to interact with other children and benchmark themselves against others during the camp.
  • Children get to work with other children as a team. They become a team player.
  • There are some games to play during the workshop. Such games are designed to bring out their competitive edge in a friendly manner where winning become an incentive and losing is part of a learning process.
  • Kids acquire new skills in conceptualizing new ideas. New formula will be taught in class. These are effective method to give birth to fresh new ideas.
  • Kids learn to translate their imagination into sketches via a specially designed form called “iSketch”. The child learned to express their idea through drawing as well as describing it in writing. This allows a child to let his friends and parents know what they have in their mind.
  • During the Rocket Balloon session, children learn to appreciate simple engineering principle in making a balloon to fly. They will learn how a simple thing like a wing could make such an impact on the flight of a balloon.
  • In this camp children learn key terminologies that are used in the industry. They get experiential learning in this workshop.
  • Though the session is just a short one day camp. But the take home value means a lot to a young child who is growing up in this competitive world.