Uncle Bugs Inno Camp

Introduction to Uncle Bugs Inno Camp

The Uncle Bugs Inno Camp is a one day fun-filled workshop for young children age 9 to 15 years old. Camp like this put emphasis on learning new skills in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Activity like this is usually run on school holidays or during weekends. Within the one day workshop, children go through 3 modules.

Figure below shows the kids are the stake holder of this nation. If we could invest time, as well as if we could pass our knowledge to them, then this nation will have a better future – Uncle Bugs.

In the first module children learn to give birth to new ideas. They learn basic skills that requires them to develop new concepts by using simple formula called OSNAC. A special form called iSketch will be provided to allow children. Here children learn to express their imagination into sketches and simple words. So that other people can understand what they have in their mind.

In the second module children learn to build a balloon rocket. Children are taught the basic principle of flights. Here, each child is given a balloon and they get a chance to build a rocket that could take a flight. The trick is in the design of the wings, which the children will put their thinking skills into practice. Here they will be able to connect engineering to the things around us.

In the third module children goes into the main activity of the camp that is the innovation workshop. Children learn to work in a team with friends they meet during this camp. Each group forms a new start-up company. Each start-up company is given a seed funding of UBC $2,000 (Uncle Bugs Currency).

Children are also taught the responsibility of a technopreneur. They learned the responsibility of a CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, VP and so forth. And their task is to develop a new technology in a form of a prototype using recycle materials.

A time frame is given for each team to build a prototype. During this stage children put a lot of thoughts into their project. This is where children put their skills into practice with the guidance of Uncle Bugs. They have to develop an invention.

Once the invention has been built, each team will display their prototype at the innovation market (Inno mart). Here, parent has a role to play too. They become investor and invest into company that deserves more funding for growth. Parents will be given a stack of Uncle Bugs Currency.

It’s all for the fun of it. Team with the most money wins a prize.