Three days workshop

Three days workshop

Development and Managing Cre8tivity & Innovation

When is it?

This 3 Days (back to back) corporate training program “Development and Managing Cre8tivity and Innovation” can take place at a suitable time. The dates shall be discussed and agreed by your organization and the availability of the Trainer. The program can either take place in Malaysia or your home country



The Learning Program is aimed at:


  • Understanding the huge potential of the human mind.
  • Learn how to create a culture of creativity in an organization.
  • How to translate concepts into sketches and brief descriptions so that other people could understand that new idea.
  • Learn new thinking tools that could assist you and your staff to develop new ideas so your company can stay ahead of competition.
  • Learn the 7 steps pathways to bring a fresh idea and make it into a prototype and finally a new commercial product;
  • Determining the opportunities for leveraging these learning experiences for growth in your organization:


Format and Content

The format will be built around a 3 (three) days sessions illustrating the content and experiential learning styles applied to promoting a culture of cre8tivity in an organization using the CIPCO training program – Cre8tive and Innovative Practicing Company (CIPCO). Each day will include a presentation on desired knowledge and theory followed by hands-on activity to initialize the new knowledge and skill taught.


The aim of this program is to provide a learning experience for entrepreneurs and business managers that involve introducing the principles and practices of cre8tivity and innovation. Cre8tivity can be nurtured (having an imagination and “can-do” attitude) and of doing (being proactive in implementing your ideas). It involves “building something from nothing”. Although the “blue-sky” (the upside) needs to be there, risk (the down-side) will always invariably be present. Successful leaders know how to tap the huge human capital in an organization which is usually un-tapped.

Day 1 –Thinking Tools, translating imagination into sketches, evaluation;

No thanks to the notion that Boss is always right which are widely practiced in most companies in Asia. New ideas are usually formulated by the boss or a few men around him. This old traditional practice impedes progress in a company


Hence, in this session the participant are taught skilful way to tap the cre8tive ideas from each and every person in an organization. Participant will discover a new channel that acts as a conduit to bring new ideas from the floor to the management as ease.


In this session, the trainer will teach useful thinking tools. Tools like this will help a person to generate fresh new ideas. The format is user friendly and staff at all level is able to use it and contribute ideas.

Hands-on exercise will be carried-out so each and every participant will experience the process of creating a new idea on the spot.
Day 2 –The methodology to turn a simple idea into a commercial product;
In this session the trainer will reveal a pathway to bring a new idea right-up to the finish-line of commercialization. There are 7 steps in this guided journey which includes; generating new ideas, check your idea, finding money and time, creating the prototype, protect your idea, valuation of technology and commercialization
Day 3 –Intellectual property rights, valuation of technology and commercialization;
This session aims to broaden awareness of the commercial power of intellectual property. A deep discussion will be carried-out to fully understand how you can exploit its full potentials.
In this session, the trainer will discuss the importance of putting a price tag to the new technology that you have created, and also how you could monetize the new technology through the process of commercialization. There are 5 options you can take at this stage of commercialization which shall be discussed thoroughly.
Hands-on activities will be carried-out through-out the 3 Days course. This will enable the participants to have a good understanding of the subject matter through experiential learning.


Individual skills gained include:

  • Learning how to instil a culture of cre8tivity in a company
  • Learning new thinking tool that could assist a person to create new ideas
  • Learn the step by step pathway to develop a new idea and bring that idea to the market place
  • Learning how to explain the technology opportunity in commercial terms;
  • Gaining a commercial approach to developing innovative ideas & opportunities;
  • Clarifying the business opportunity and testing it;
  • Maximising value from existing intellectual property;
  • Learning new business models and approaches to obtaining early value;


Boot Camp Staff

In the first instance Mr. Bugs Tan will be the sole Presenter (Trainer)

Who should attend

  • Leaders of organization – Bosses, strategists and middle level management
  • Heads of department – leaders and middle level management
  • Human resource & Research department & other relevant personnel


Quotation costs

The CIPCO Program comes with practical business and knowledge in cre8tivity and innovation processes. Costs cover both lecture and the practice sessions and course preparation time.
Staffing costs:
Day 1 to Day 3 – To be discussed. Plus travel and accommodation.
Prepared by,
Bugs Tan
November 2016