CIPCO Corporate Training

One day workshop

Creative and Practicing Company (CIPCO)

The CIPCO training is a short one day (or a two days) program for staff and managers with the focus of changing of the mind set and attitude towards creativity and innovations. The CIPCO program is specially designed to allow oneself to discover his or her potential.

The trainers will spend time in class to run through some mind exercise to let the participant realized that they have what it takes to be a creative person. During the training session, the trainers will introduce relevant thinking tools, which will serve as a guide, techniques and methods the participants to use during the time when they are conceptualizing a new idea.

The trainer will also dig deep into their training skill to change the attitude of the staff on the importance of team work on a project within an organization.

The highlight of the program is a practical exercise where all participants are required to generate new ideas on the spot. This will demonstrate how easy it is to give birth to a new idea using the skills and technique that they have just learned from the trainers. This will give rise to self-confident especially to those who have never taken this path before.

By the end of the day, the participants will understand the reasons why they need to be creative and, also how to put their creative skills into practice at their work place. It is the hope of the trainers to see that each and every participant who have benefited from acquiring such new knowledge will go home and promote them to their colleagues. So that it will start a culture of creativity and innovation at their respective organization.

Among the companies which have gone through such training are: *Hotel Singgahsana *Perwaja Steel *Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) *Maju Tower KL *Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) *MEX Highway *Jab Kerja Raya (JKR) *Royal Malaysian Polis (PDRM) *Terminal Bas Bersepadu Selatan *Maju Holding

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