Turning idea into innovations


This is a guide book where the author has revealed to you a methodology how you can turn your idea into an invention. Especially If you are creating an invention for the first time. Whether if you are a students or a working adult, this book show you the way to creating a successful invention.


This guide book is simple and easy to read where the author has laid out 7 steps for you to take. From conceptualizing an idea right up to making it into an invention and placing them in the market place. It shows you how it can be done by taking the steps one by one.


Uncle Bugs Invention Workbook
(5 books in this series)


We all agree that children have the biggest capacity of imagination. Hence, these books are specially designed to harvest those raw thoughts and ideas from a child.


More importantly, these books can be used as a tool to harness the creative talent found in a child. The author has designed a simple yet effective method to do that.


By using this book a child is taught how to translate his imagination into sketches. So that other people will be able to understand and appreciate his new ideas.


These books are good for children 7 years old and above.


1000 Problems Need Solving Book 1 & Book 2


In these 2 books the author has put- up 50 different unique problems in each book for you to tackle. These are simple problems we faced every day in our lives and yet there isn’t really a good solution. The author challenges you to think of ways to solve them one by one. He encourages you to think creatively. Think out of the box if you can. Like for example a problem which may seem likely to be solved through a medical approach but that can also be solved using an engineering approach too.


Depending on your level of understanding on the issues, the author believes that there is more than one approach you can use to solve each and every problem found in this book. You can think of a simple idea to solve a particular problem or you can think of a sophisticated solution for it. This book is suitable for students in university, college, vocational, polytechnics and secondary schools.